Meet The Team

We’re a youth-led community engaged in normalizing the conversation when it comes to our mental wellness. We provide a safe digital space to share stories, offer encouragement, and to help others find resources available to them in Ohio. Connect with us on social media and join the Resilience Squad. Want to find out more about Hey, I’m Here? Maybe you are interested in getting involved, want to give some feedback, or simply feel like reaching out? We are here. Reach out on social media @HeyImHereOhio or drop us a line at We would love to hear from you.


Cali Orr
Social Media Manager; Translator; Founder/CEO of Freebird Coaching and Consulting (she/her)

Cali Orr is the founder and CEO of Freebird Coaching and Consulting, a woman-owned marketing firm that exists to use the power of social media and digital presence for good. She believes everyone, especially marginalized groups, has a voice and story to tell and has dedicated her career to increasing opportunity and spreading these messages. 

After receiving dual degrees in Psychology and Spanish, Cali worked as a case manager for at-risk teenagers in Ohio before moving to Chile as part of a UN initiative to teach English to urban youth. She then returned to the US to receive her MBA with a concentration in Marketing so she could help create more opportunities for travel and education like she had experienced herself. Her experience led her to work with international education companies, mental health and wellness organizations, resilience initiatives, NGOs, and many other passionate people looking to do good in the world. 

She now uses her 10+ years of digital marketing, social media, and content management experience to help other purpose-driven organizations spread their impact.

Jen Wright Schneeman
Self-Care and Resilience Consultant; Co-Founder Real Human Performance (she/her)

Jen Schneeman (she/her) is a co-founder of Real Human Performance in Cincinnati, Ohio. Jen specializes in stress management, burnout resilience, and posttraumatic growth. Jen feels alive researching, training, and living at the intersection of science and the human spirit. With 20 years of experience in health & human performance, first, as a science and tech advisor for dual-use military and medical biotechnologies, and a decade as a Stress and Nervous System Specialist and Mental Resilience Coach, Jen’s trauma-informed mindfulness-based somatic therapy programs are launched within VA medical centers, treatment courts, addiction treatment centers, two NFL teams, three military branches, dozens of corporations, associations and agencies, with hundreds of helping professionals and thousands of veterans. Overall, real work with REAL humans just like us - training how to reset in the moment, recharge throughout the day and recover appropriately to restore from the demands of the day. Jen holds a deep belief in the human potential and that each of us have the unique ability to meet the moment, return to center and to even expand capacity. In our time together, Jen will guide us to live with more space, trust, clarity, and ease.

Katie Bachmeyer
Project Director; Storyteller; Founder of Bachmeyer Press (she/her)

Katie Bachmeyer has been telling stories since 2006. Her stories have been co-created alongside people with trauma histories, citizens with labels of disability, social justice seekers, neighbors, and young people on a path to mental wellness. As a film director, she has filmed, directed, and edited over 100 documentary shorts. 

Her professional education includes Bachelor’s degrees in sociology/anthropology and film production/journalism from the University of North Carolina at Asheville. She is trained in trauma-informed care, mindfulness, cultural humility, ethnography, asset-based community development, design thinking, and social role valorization (SRV).



Amanda Stoddard is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati. Currently, she is the Director of Communications at the Recovery Center of Hamilton County and has spearheaded an after-hours event series for transitional aged youth called RC After Dark. Amanda is a Certified Peer Recovery Supporter for the adult model and is one of the second Certified Youth Peer Supporters after facilitating the very first training in the state. Also Certified in Trauma Responsive Care and Mental Health First Aid, she is a change maker in ensuring trauma-informed practices are implemented in the peer world. In 2021 she won The Neighborhood Summit’s Rookie of the year award for all she does for the community and within her organization. 


Anika Saladi lives in Mason, Ohio and attends William Mason High School, where she is a sophomore. She joined the Youth Council for Suicide Prevention during her freshman year, which developed her passion for spreading awareness about mental health. She plans on majoring in Psychology once she graduates, and has always had a passion for learning about how the brain works. 


Chantelle is from Akron,Ohio. She is known for her integrity, creativity, kindness and generosity. Her motto for life is “No man is too high to serve, and No man is too low to be served.” She is involved in several organizations such as YouthMoveOhio where she is a State Leader for the NorthEast Ohio region. She is trained and experienced as a  Facilitator, Presenter, and Trainer. She is a Certified Youth Peer Supporter. She is also a liaison between NAMI Ohio and NAMI Summit County. In NAMI Summit County she is certified in Ending the Silence, IOOV( In Our Own Voice) and also NAMI Peer to Peer.


Diya Patel lives in Cincinnati, Ohio. She is a first-year majoring in medical sciences with a minor in psychology at the University of Cincinnati. She is interested in mental health from seeing the challenges that students face. She was apart of the Cincinnati Youth Council for Suicide Prevention and Youth Built Change. She is passionate about breaking the stigma against mental health in all communities. She is hoping through her involvement this year that she makes an impact on her local community


John Stuart lives Southeast, Ohio and is a youth peer supporter. He started his own website design company Stuart Digital when he was 13 years old. John has been involved in helping youth for years between Boy Scouts, youth groups, and organizations like YouthMOVE Ohio. He has a passion for youth and spreading mental health awareness. He currently works with youth in a day treatment center.


Kaylea Dillon is a graduate student gaining a Masters in Biomedical Science at Rowan University. She graduated in 2020 from Youngstown State University with her B.A. in psychology and B.S. in biology. Kaylea currently works as the Youth Peer Support Curriculum Lead at YouthMOVE Ohio as she develops and facilitates the first few Certified Youth Peer Support trainings in Ohio. She holds certifications in both adult and youth peer support and works with OHMHAS and youth throughout Ohio to enact meaningful change in mental health policy through her advocacy.


Leroy Bean is a writer, spoken word poet, live entertainment producer, and poetry & performance teacher born and raised in Dayton, Ohio. After reaching what felt like a dead-end at 19, he started to express himself through creative writing. This newfound love for writing became a catalyst to an intentional journey of healing and learning self. The experience was so transformative for Leroy that it began to live through his poetry and teaching using lessons of healthy communication, emotional intelligence, and agency of story. With his team, he also provides a platform for Black and marginalized artist to exercise their storytelling called Broken English: 101


Liliana Covetta is from Cleveland, Ohio. She is currently a first-year majoring in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Cincinnati.  She has broad passions for helping and serving others and innovating solutions to best suit all needs. Another passion is spreading awareness regarding mental health and creating social change between youth and adults, promoting positivity and youth empowerment. It is important to her to spread the knowledge learned and gained through her experiences to others.