Work impacts all of us. Sometimes we need to work to survive and meet our basic needs. Other times our jobs are part of our career journey. Each of these circumstances has a unique impact on our mental wellness. When we are working to survive and to meet our basic needs, we are often in high-stress situations. These high-stress situations may affect our work performance or even cause us to lose our jobs.

Responsibilities from our work environments may be the cause of stress in our lives. Like school, relationships, family and home life, we all deal with these stressors differently. Having the right skills to handle toxic stress can make all the difference.

Remember, there are tools to help us decrease the amount of toxic stress in our lives. Having these tools can help us advance in our careers to get to a place where our jobs are an important part of our lives. Need to talk about stress at work and how it may be impacting other parts of your daily life? Use our Find Support section to find someone in your area.

Should I Tell my Boss about my Mental Health?

Deciding rather or not to be open regarding your mental health at work can be challenging. Sometimes, we may not have a choice but to disclose this information. When it comes to work, one of the most important factors to know is your legal rights. Need to talk to someone? Check out our Find Support section to find someone in your area.

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