What’s the deal with stress?

Stress. We hear this word all the time but sometimes we might forget that it can have a real impact on our wellness. When stress starts to impact your daily life, stress becomes toxic. Toxic stress is the long-term effect of stress we feel on our body and mind. Our body releases hormones to our brain during events that make us feel scared and nervous. When we encounter toxic stress for long periods of time, we have a higher risk of developing trauma responses to everyday life issues, a.k.a. triggers.

When dealing with toxic stress, strong and supportive relationships are important.. However, sometimes our relationships with family, home, our communities, school and work can actually cause this toxic stress. It is very important to know how toxic stress can impact your mental wellness. Toxic stress can even make it more likely for us to turn to substances as an unhealthy way to cope from everything that is going on in our lives.

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