Having strong and healthy relationships with the people in our lives is important to our overall health. Our friends have the ability to love and support us in ways our family may not be able to. Friends know us differently from our family and they sometimes understand exactly what we need — even before we know it ourselves. Learning what makes relationships stable, loving and supportive is an incredible skill to have.

Developing friendships or romantic relationships can be challenging. These relationships should be kind, supportive and stable. Healthy relationships encourage us to be our best selves. Healthy relationships never place you in danger, hurt your self-esteem and worth or cause you to become surrounded by negativity. Harmful relationships can cause unhealthy substance misuse, cutting or other harmful ways to cope. If a relationship does not make you happy most of the time, it is probably not healthy. Need to find someone to talk to about the relationships in your life? Check out our Find Support section to see who is available in your area.

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