Real Talk on Social Media

Whether we are killing time between class, hearting new photos of our secret crush or posting our next viral meme, social media takes up a whole lot of time. All this time we spend on social media really affects how we feel. Do cute puppy videos make you feel warm fuzzies? Do mean comments on your friends’ walls upset you? Social media impacts us emotional, mentally and physically no matter how we decide to use it.

There has been a lot of talk about the negative side of social media. Social media can take a toll on our mental wellness. Dealing with online bullies and trolls, seeing posts that make us uncomfortable, or having someone tell our business online can make us want to take a “social break”. And sometimes, what happens on social media doesn’t just stay there. It can follow us into our real everyday life in school, at work and within our community.

Hey! I’m Here. is using social media to focus attention on our mental well-being. There is a lot of good that can come out of social media when we use it with purpose and intention.

So, what are we doing?

Making a Connection: Hey! I’m Here. uses our social media channels to let others know that they are not alone. We do this by sharing our own stories about our mental health journey while allowing others to join in on the conversation and share their experiences, too. We know that sometimes you can feel alone in what you are going through, but you are not alone. We share our stories to show that under safe conditions, it’s okay to open up and there are others out here who may know exactly what you’re facing.

Sharing What Helps: Taking care of our mental wellness can be tricky, but finding the right coping skills can make all the difference. Hey! I’m Here. shares with you the things that we find work to reduce the amount of toxic stress in all our lives. Our social pages offer encouragement and everyday action steps we can take to help increase our mental well-being. Have something unique that works for you? Share it with us, and let others join in on the wellness party.

Standing up to stigma: Hey! I’m Here. is building an online community in a judgment free zone. Opening up to those around is complicated. Fear of judgment and self-shame can make sharing our stories difficult. Sometimes, though, finding a community—online or in person—to open up to can be a real turning point in allowing us to be open and honest with those around us. When we share our stores and have these conversations, we show others there is nothing to be ashamed of. Too many of us are struggling with our mental wellness and are afraid to speak up. When we open up and share, we allow others who are struggling to see themselves in our experiences. This is how we can start breaking down the stigma one person at a time.

Connect with our Hey! I’m Here. social pages, and find an online community that is using social media a little bit differently.  Like us and join the conversation @HeyImHereOhio

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