Talking to Your Doctor

When we decide to reach out to others, people might tell us to talk to a professional. Talking to your doctor is important because they have spent a long time learning the best ways to help us find the support needed to deal with what’s affecting us.

Having an idea of what this conversation may look like can help you feel empowered and part of the process. Expect your doctor to ask questions and take notes on what you are experiencing, how long have you been feeling this way, and how these experiences are impacting your daily life.

Talking to a doctor helps get to the cause of your feelings. Doctors can connect you to what you need to start feeling like yourself again. They might refer you to another mental wellness professional or may prescribe medication.

You and your doctor are in this together, and you should consider them as someone in your corner. Listen and be open to what they say. Take notes and stay informed. Staying active in your wellness plan can help you feel in control and like you’re part of a team.

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