Being Placed in Treatment by Others

Sometimes, it’s not our decision to enter treatment and support. This might happen when we are expressing ourselves in ways that are unsafe for ourselves and others. Our wellness team is trying to prevent us from harming ourselves or other people. This is nothing to be ashamed of.

The goal of this type of treatment is to ensure that we get needed help and support to feel safe, secure and in control of what is going on.

Certain diagnoses can affect how we see things, what we believe is real and how we are feeling. We may not be in the best spot to advocate for ourselves. In these moments, we may even feel that everything is in our control when it is really not.

Being made to enter treatment can be overwhelming. Remember, your wellness team has your health and safety in mind when they make these decisions. You are not alone, and there are others out there with first-hand experience with what you are going through who can offer advice, support and help.


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